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Moon Life

It is the year 2051 and the International Space Institute has just sent two rival astrobiologists to search for extraterrestrial life on Europa, the mysterious ice moon of Jupiter. What they encounter could not only revolutionize science, it might make one of them the most famous person on Earth. Or does the Universe have other plans?

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How does an Alzheimer’s patient feel when they realize they are losing their grip on reality? What do they do to cope when  past and present blur together? Although fictional, “Elderchild” draws heavily on my personal experience as my mother’s caregiver to bring clarity to her gradual decline.

In “Elderchild,” Rhea’s first person account explores her terror as she realizes her cognitive faculties are degrading. As her Alzheimer’s progresses, it redefines her relationships with her daughters as she vacillates between moments of confusion and clarity.

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Survival Poems to Help You Through the Day

Supporting each other is key to surviving the twists and turns of life’s journey. It’s my hope that these poems will bring you optimism, reflection, and also a smile. My poetry is inspired by friends with the goal of celebrating lives and treasuring memories.

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